C & H Taxi – Etiquette for Taxi Riders for the Best Experience

C & H Taxi
No matter where you are or how you travel, you will need to hire a taxi. If this is the very first time that you scheduled a taxi ride with C & H Taxi, it is important that you also know the right way of interaction with the taxi driver. Whether you just planned to spend a night out of town with your buddies or you need a ride to take you to the airport, you have to be familiar with the basic etiquette for you to have a hassle free and fun taxi ride.

Below are some of the taxi etiquette basics. Use the tips and make sure that you will have the best and most memorable taxi experience of your life. Visit us here: http://narenjstudio.com/designsamples/chtaxi/final/mobilebooking.html

• Avoid eating anything during the ride.

Although you might not have the time to grab a bite before running out the door on your way to the office, it is never a good thing to bring your breakfast to the taxi. The food’s smell might make your driver uncomfortable and if you will eat something with a pungent smell, it can make the passengers after you uncomfortable as well. And worse, once the food spills, this can stain the seats, which is another inconvenience for the driver.
• Keep your drinks to a minimum.

C & H TaxiTaxi drivers of C & H Taxi allow drinks since these do not have a pungent smell. But, drinks have the tendency to spill and cause stains more easily compared to food items. This can cost the taxi company as they will have to pay for cleaning the stain off the upholstery and when the stains are bad, they might even need to have the upholstery replaced. So, if possible, avoid bringing your drinks to the taxi.

• Upon getting off the taxi, make sure that you take all your trash with you.

Imagine getting inside a taxi covered with crumbs, dirty tissues and food wrappers. Do you think you will be comfortable to sit with all those garbage? Obviously not and the following passengers will never feel comfortable as well. So, make sure that you take all your trash when you get off.

• Don’t ask the driver to take on a lot of passengers.

Obviously, you can never exceed the passenger limit of the taxi. There might be some colleagues or friends who would like to join your ride in the last minute but never ask the driver to cram them all in. What you should do instead is call for another taxi or better yet, just arrange for a van if it is impossible for all of you to fit in one cab.

• Never ask your driver to go drive faster.

You are probably in a hurry and you need to get to your destination faster but you cannot ask the drive to drive and exceed the speed limit. If you feel like the logistics and traffic will cause you to be late, just try to schedule an earlier ride but you can never ask the drive to run the red lights or speed through the stop signs just so you can reach your destination right on time.

• Be polite.

The last but definitely not the least, always be polite. There are some drivers who can be talkative at times and would like to know more about their passengers. But, if you are not in the mood to talk, just reply with short answers where one or two words can do. The short answers can signal the drive that you don’t like to talk. Or, you can just state that you do not feel like chatting. On the other hand, if you have a not so talkative driver, just give him space.
For the most respectful and pleasant ride with C & H Taxi, you can try following these simple guides.